Results Acceleration Programme

Realise business objectives whilst developing, engaging and empowering your team

Turbocharge your teams thinking with our guaranteed Results Acceleration Programme (RAP). Achieve real business impact and deliver ROI whilst developing your team for current and future challenges. Through facilitated training to deliver the fundamentals of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, determining agreed milestones and results, and a series of coaching sessions with our specialist Thinking Engineers your team will achieve great results with this 3-6 month programme.

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Tackle your business objectives and achieve rapid results with a bespoke powerful programme created by our expert Thinking Engineers.

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A breakthrough programme with a results-based money-back guarantee.

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Empower your leaders and managers (ideal for 12-15 participants) with proven tools and techniques that can be used again and again.

Our Results Acceleration Programme includes the following stages

1. Set-up and kick-off

1-5 business challenges or topics are selected, each with a leadership sponsor, participants (12-15) are selected, and key milestones and measurable ROI agreed for the initial 60-90 days.


2. Applied learning

Participants discover the power of the Go M.A.D.®  Thinking System and learn how to apply a practical set of solution focused tools and techniques to a sponsored challenge during facilitated training sessions with our specialist Thinking Engineers. Detailed project action plans are constructed for the next 30-45 days.


3. Coaching & Support

Our Thinking Engineers will be with you every step of the way with regular coaching sessions every 30-45 days. We support managers to think differently and create stretching but achievable action plans. Participants can also access our online library of support materials.


4. Review & Measure Results

Results are reviewed at 30 or 45 days and 60 or 90-days with business challenge sponsors and our facilitators to ensure teams are on track and celebrate progress.


This powerful programme has been proven to have incredible results with organisations that need to accelerate projects or empower their teams with practical tools and techniques. It encourages collaborative cross-functional working, enhances team productivity, and can easily be rolled out to involve other departments through licenced internal facilitators. In addition, the programme also comes with a money-back guarantee.

"We have had really tangible benefits from the programme. The results were pretty spectacular! By releasing the creativity within the team and asking possibility questions that free their mind, gave rise to a future state that nobody could have possibly imagined."

– Jon Byrne, General Manager, Owen Mumford

Proven & guaranteed to deliver accelerated results

This bespoke programme is created by our specialist Thinking Engineers to fit your organisations’ needs and current challenges. Get in touch today to discuss the results you are looking to achieve.

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