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The most direct way to deliver big change and large-scale results is by improving conversations in your teams and throughout your organisation. We won’t tell you how to run things, you are the expert at that, but we will transfer the skills that can help your people think better and to have the healthier, more-focused, more-effective conversations that make your task infinitely easier.

Working closely with you and your leaders, our experienced Thinking Engineers create holistic programmes that draw on our years of research, our insights and our track record in multiple industries and sectors, to provide you with the exact assistance and support you need and want.

Our development programmes dovetail perfectly with any and all internal systems, policies and approaches eliminating any risk of initiative fatigue or jargon overload. Instead the 100% focus is on making sure the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System helps your whole organisation achieve the change you want to see in your world.

Executive Alignment

Our research shows that one of the main points of failure in achieving a corporate goal is lack of alignment within executive teams, with the result that strategies go off track, projects lose momentum and costs and frustrations multiply often with serious consequences.

Keeping executive teams in step with each other and acting in harmony with a company’s vision, objectives and strategic blueprints can frequently be just as difficult. However, our Goal Alignment Process (GAP) merges the insights of your people, the expert facilitation and analytical skills of our Thinking Engineers plus state-of-the-art Augmented Intelligence software to produce the fastest, most-efficient and most affordable way to assemble and coordinate any business or project plan, goal or ambition bar none and ensure everyone in your organisation is working to the same fully-endorsed, fully-shared, fully-understood goals, metrics and action plans.

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Thinking Big: Large-scale collaboration, insights and alignment

Up to now encouraging collaboration between numerous stakeholders and involving others in generating ideas, sharing points of view and opinions has been difficult to achieve successfully, whether as a result of dispersed geographies or time-zones, sheer weight of numbers or issues of confidentiality. The upshot has been under-representation of certain groups, sub-optimal buy-in for future strategies and initiatives as well as the sacrifice of penetrative, new ideas.

What was once an unthinkable activity has now become not only possible, but easy thanks to our A.I. supporting The Big Think process. Facilitated by our skilful experts, we can rapidly create a collaborative virtual conversations process that will enable you to take advantage of the wisdom available within large groups of people and create detailed, coordinated and endorsed plans.

This approach can be applied across your entire organisation or even within or between industries allowing you to tap into a collective intelligence that has never been so accessible before.

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Team impact & accelerated results

Aimed at teams that need to operate at maximum effectiveness, our Results Acceleration Programme (RAP) is focused on ensuring the highest-possible business impact and ROI whilst engaging and empowering team members. This 3 to 6 month programme includes training your team in solution focused thinking and the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, which is then applied to your actual business challenges. A sense of urgency and impetus to target is achieved by setting transparent milestones and challenges are created at the 30, 60 and 90-day points to maintain focus, assess learning, re-define goals and celebrate achievement.

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Organisational performance & culture

Big impacts need big thinking. Whether that is transforming your culture or achieving a breakthrough in organisational relationships, we will work with you to design a package of fully-licensed options that gives your teams the power of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System.

Whether you need one facilitator, a team of licenced trainers across the globe, or full digital access for 50,000+ people there is a package to suit you. Solutions are cost effective and scalable enabling you to share a common, solution-focused language and obtain consistent, superlative results time and time again. What’s more, each package is fully supported by one of our specialist Thinking Engineers.

Call us to discuss which option is best for your circumstances.

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"The results are fantastic. We’ve seen a significant shift in the levels of customer satisfaction and the feedback we are getting is fantastic. We’ve seen a fundamental shift in our employee satisfaction levels and a significant improvement in our shareholders’ returns. The results are what matter and we are absolutely seeing those in our company."

– Managing Director UK Operations

"The Go M.A.D. Thinking methodology has developed our culture, thinking and performance through providing a common language and practical set of tools that has enabled our people to make real measurable differences. The methodology is now applied to everything from our company vision and values to our day-to-day behaviours and has been instrumental in us winning several major industry awards."

– Stephen Gould, Managing Director

"Within a couple of sessions we measurably improved our effectiveness, developed new ways of thinking and are now reaping the results in the way we work. This solution focused approach to thinking is robust, well researched, has great support materials and does what it says – it really helps people and teams Go Make A Difference!"

– Chief Human Resources Officer

"I keep returning to the Go M.A.D. Thinking Results Framework as the most practical and flexible model I have come across. It is so robust and easy for people to apply that it underpins our leadership and talent development programmes."

– Group Head of Talent & Development

"The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive growth plans. The change in mind-set for some people has been quite radical and has even helped to improve people’s lives outside of work. This is the beauty of Go M.A.D.; whilst it helps the business to deliver its objectives, the business also gives back something to the employees with the tools and techniques learned."

– HR Manager

"We have used this solution focused thinking methodology to engage and empower people to make a difference throughout our entire workforce and beyond with many of our patients. The practicality and support it provides enables us to think, act and be more productive in achieving our goals, making change happen quicker and easier."

– Chief Executive

"The Go M.A.D. Thinking team work completely in partnership with our organisation designing tailored events and solutions to meet our needs and really focus on equipping our people with the tools to make a difference."

– Group Head of Talent & Development

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