Our Story

Go M.A.D. Thinking has been accelerating results, enabling change and encouraging people to Go Make A Difference for 25 years.

Since 1997 we have been helping organisations, teams and leaders achieve transformative results by unlocking their full thinking power. The Go M.A.D.® Thinking System has been proven by 100s of clients in over 40 countries to create breakthroughs, achieve their goals and Go M.A.D. (Make a Difference) in their world.

At Go M.A.D. Thinking we work with organisations (typically 250-50,000 employees) in the public and private sectors to achieve transformative results by enabling people to think differently, develop breakthroughs, create solutions for any problem and achieve goals.

Our value propositions

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For directors and leaders

Frustrated by current culture and sub optimal performance, our 12-point change methodology engages and empowers teams to think differently, transform operational practices and continually improve results.

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For managers

Struggling to improve team/project performance, our solution focused programmes enable people to think differently and achieve measurable results within 30, 60 & 90 days.

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For team members

With too much to do and not enough time, our practical set of problem solving and creative thinking tools, enables results to be achieved faster and easier.

The Art of Making A Difference

Go M.A.D. Thinking was founded in 1997 by Andy Gilbert who cares passionately about helping others to Go Make A Difference.

Andy developed the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, has written over 20 books, presented over 200 audio/video programmes, and is an international consultant and conference speaker who believes that people can improve their world through better thinking.

He is responsible for creating millions of Light Bulb Moments through his work and continues to research how people think, writes practical development books, designs transformational change and improvement programmes and provides high-performance executive coaching. Alongside this Andy heads up a visionary management team which leads the Go M.A.D. team of consultants (we call them Thinking Engineers) and our Head Office central support services.

Andy’s The Art of Making A Difference TEDx talk below shares his story and gives an introduction to the 7 key principles of the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework.

ThinkOn® is an alternative trademark we use with some of our partners, including the NHS and some public and private sector clients when our usual name isn’t able to be used.

Rest assured it promises exactly the same high-quality thinking and results.

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Our home for our digital programmes and online learning.

We have lots of exciting things in development for this brand and plan to reach farther afield to help make a difference to people through digital innovation.

We want to help people everywhere, to Make A Difference for good in the world.

Thinking For Good is our free pp will help you master the power of thinking with practical resources to solve problems fast, generate ideas, focus on your goals and create Light Bulb Moments.

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Our goals are ambitious, but our premise is simple.

Change the way you think, the conversations you have and the questions you ask. Then you will achieve better results.

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